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Test your knowledge of the "Selena" movie right here. You no longer have to wait for me to get around to sending you the answers via email anymore. With this java powered quiz, you get the results to your answers INSTANTLY. Have fun and good luck!

1.    What song did young Selena sing for her dad to make him want to start a band?

Blue Moon
You're Mine
We Belong Together

2.    Selena said they needed what "tool" to work on Yolanda Saldivar's feet?

Washing Machine

3.    What 3 disco songs did Selena sing at the Astrodome concert in Houston?

Funkytown, The Hustle, I Will Survive
I Will Survive, Last Dance, Ring My Bell
Last Dance, On The Radio, I Will Survive

4.    How long did Selena and Chris wait to tell Abraham about their marriage?

One day
Two days
One week

5.    What was the name of the restaurant that Selena's father opened?
Papa Gayo's
Abraham's Place
The Mexican Hut

6.    What "person" did Selena thank "first" at the grammy's?

Her mom
Her husband
Her dad

7.    What song was playing in the background when the musicians tore up Chris Perez's hotel room?

Fight For Your Right To Party
Welcome To The Jungle
A Hard Day's Night

8.    When Selena told Chris, "Don't go to Corpus, go the other way!" Where did Chris offer to take Selena?


9.    Selena's mom taught young Selena a dance named after a household appliance. What was the appliance name?

Dish Washer
Washing Machine
Vacum Cleaner

10.   When Selena and Amy went shopping for the grammy's, how much did the dress cost that Amy tried on?


11.   What song did young Selena sing in her father's restaurant?

You're Mine
We Belong Together
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

12.   Fill in the blank. When Selena went bungee jumping, the man who was working there told Selena, "The hardest part is ______________."

looking down
letting go

13.   When Selena and Suzette first met Chris Perez, Suzette made a comment about Chris being from what planet?


14.   What was Chris' exact answer when Selena's dad asked him, "How about cutting your hair?"


15.   What song did Selena sing for the crowd at Monterray Mexico to calm them down?

Dreaming Of You
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
Como La Flor

16.   How old was Chris Perez when his parents "split up"?

10 years old
8 years old
5 years old

17.   When Selena's dad fired Chris on the bus, what was the name of the restaurant that they were parked in front of?
Taco Bell
Bun 'N Barrell

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